JL has formed the catalogs of hydraulic brake hose assemblies with OEM No.(2000types), which are used for OEM and aftermarket for any vehicles; Designing and researching hose assemblies according to customers’requirements and international safe standards; Tested 100% against SAE J1401 before shipment.

Pressure test No leakage in 2 min under pressure of 19.6±0.48 Mpa
Volumetric expansion Less than 0.68cm3/m under 6.9Mpa; less than 0.79cm3/m under 10.3Mpa
Burst test No leakage more than 60 Mpa
Low temperature No visible crack without magnification within 72 hr under -55℃
Whip test No damage after 35 hrs’ rotating at 800rpm
Tensile test No breakage or rupture with 2310 N tensile stress
Ozone test No cracks when examined under 7X magnification under 50℃ in 50Mpa±5Mpa
Water absorption test No leakage under 60 Mpa; no damage within 50hrs; no breakage or rupture with 2080 N tensile stress
Guaranteed for 100000kms or 5years

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